Ballerina In The Barn
assemblage; found objects, paper

Is it any wonder that I stand in the shadows watching your world as it parades by with its insult, injury, chaos and pain? Is it any wonder that I keep my back against the wall and my heart safely tucked away where your world cannot touch it? Is it any wonder?

A Bright Blue Cotton Dress
Scrolling book; silkscreened images on and in plastic 

she did not know she was falling apart as her thoughts unraveled and twisted themselves into a tangle of confusion like that of a thousand spools of unwound thread  /  desperately she cried out for a savior as she was swallowed by the black sea of depression, unable to grasp the hands that reached out to her  /  paranoia played her like a puppet depleting her soul of love and trust leaving only a shell, a hollow void where the stranger that I did not recognize and could not love, came to reside  /  anxiety was the air in her lungs and the only thing with her as she took her last breath  /  like a bright blue cotton dress washed to an empty grays he slowly faded and disappeared

Safe Haven
Reclaimed barnwood siding and beam, piano keys

Weigh Too Heavy 
Assemblage; found bottles, saw blades, glass composite incinerator rock

New Works at The Brew House
Assemblages; found objects, glass, paper, wood


In My Head work in progress on
a new series of assemblages | 2014


in|between Part III: Yardage


in|between Part IV: The Making of Dresses
Sewing Studio Installation at The Mattress Factory Museum | July 7-13, 2014


in|between Part II: The Unwrapping of Dangerous Objects Made Safe | October 5th and 6th, 2013


in|between Part I: Dangerous Objects Made Safe
rusty objects, white cotton fabric, time (exposure to natural elements)


Making Nests to be used in the performance of
in|between Part V: 53Years


The GardenLab@510
The Final Season | 2012-2013


The GardenLab@510
Final season 2012/2013 • The Hugelkultur Bed


Behind The Swiss Cheese Fence
The GardenLab@510  | 2011-2013


Food For Thought Banquet Table



An Experiment in Complicating Simplicity; Alternative Methods of Watering Plants
assemblage of found objects, water (salt, fresh, pond), plants, dirt
dimensions variable | 2010

The three alternate methods explored in this work: evaporation, condensation and precipitation of salt water; solid to liquid states of fresh water; and capillary action with pond water.


The GardenLab@510 
2011-2012 season


The Swiss Cheese Fence The GardenLab@516 | 22'w x 90'l  | 2010 - 2011



The GardenLab@516


The gardenLab@516 / Season Two 
April 2011
The GardenLab@516 enters it’s second growing season with a complete transformation of the lot. The winter Sky Mirrors installation has been dismantled and new planting beds have been turned.

Many items will leave 516 a
nd become a part of a storefront installation in the West End to promote site reclamation and sustainable gardening practices in the West End neighborhoods.

A few items will stay including the plaster bust of the Indian brave and the p
laster doll head molds. After a year exposed to natural elements, all of the plaster objects are aging nicely.

The GardenLab@516 facing an interesting circumstance this year. The building on the property of 516 (a.k.a. The Ruth Stanford House) which has sat unoccupied for many years, will undergo a complete renovation this year and become an satellite exhibition space of The Mattress Factory Museum. The contractor’s access route to the building is an element that needed to be considered in this year’s design of the garden space. Unsure of when the work will start, I have designed a garden space with both permanent and “portable” box planting elements. The plan is for the contractor and I to work together. As equipment is brought in and demolition gets underway, the portable box elements will be moved about the garden space and if needed they will be moved to the properties of my neighbors. (I have great neighbors!)