this box that I am • Paper Maché Corrugated Paper, Wood and Fiber
8"h x 16"w x 16"d •

After years of searching for answers outside of this box that I am, my journey brought me back to square one, where I forced to take a good look at myself. What I saw was a rather closed-up box burdened with the unanswered questions I had been carrying for years. I had build thick walls around myself for protection and pulled the lid down tight. I allowed few to see who I truly was.

Armed with this reflection, I had two choices. I could avoid the reality of the box and continue to travel in the circle of unanswered questions, or I could take the lid off and look inside. I chose the later.

What I found contained within this box was the true essence of myself and the dreams that I had safely locked away a long time ago. As I gazed to the center, I saw in my eyes the self I had forgotten. It was then that I realized some questions just may not have answers. To demand answers was fruitless. I also realized that I had selfishly hidden away parts of me that I was to share with others.

In response to this reflection, I have discarded the lid to this box that I am. I have opened up the corners for access to pathways, both for myself and for others. I realize that the years of searching weren’t in vain — those years had built a stronger foundation than that of which I was given. I am now traveling upon the path that was always there, a path I shied away from, the path that was intended for me.