one) Artist Made Books
The Tom Museum / 410 Sampsonia Way / Pittsburgh, PA 15212
through December 31, 2007
Opening Reception • December 8, 2007 7-10pm

a bright blue cotton dress

two) deck your walls
moxieDaDa @ the firehouse / 1416 Arch Street / Pittsburgh, PA 15212
December 8 through 23, 2007
Opening Reception • December 8, 2007 6-8pm

Inner Sunrise

within without
Changing Direction
no Sand in my Sandals, no Stones in my Shoes

Included in this Holiday Exhibition at moxieDaDa are four works that sum up my journey through the past six years of my life. A time of acceptance, self examination, realization and change.

three) The Blogger Show
Digging Pitt Gallery / 4417 Butler Street / Pittsburgh, PA 15201
November 10, 2007 through January 12, 2008
Public Reception • December 8, 2007 6-9pm

The Evolution of Heat
Sacrificial Tree

Both works, The Evolution of Heat and Sacrificial Tree, express my concern for the health of the environment that we live in. The destruction of our planet by the human hand is so overwhelmingly evident — yet there seems to be an attitude of apathetic detachment towards this reality by a large percentage of our population.

My message: Take care of the Earth, not just for today, but for all days.
Be responsible for the world you leave behind.