the Sky Mirrors @ 516
mirrors, scrap tires, stone, sticks and an occasional found object or two · 6'w x 16'd

The Sky Mirrors are the primary sculpture in the center of the garden for the winter season. They bring the sky to the Earth to remind us to look up every once in a while and reflect on the greatness above.

The GardenLab@516 is a Mattress Factory installation at 516 Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh PA. It is located next to the Ruth Stanford house and a few doors down from the Mattress Factory’s main building. An outdoor studio, garden and laboratory installation in the spring, summer and fall seasons, the gardenLab transforms into a light-throwing, mirror-reflecting reflection installation for the winter season.

The GardenLab@516 began in April 2010 and will go on at least into the spring of 2011. There is no end date at this point. It may see another growing season and continue into the fall of 2011.


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