if I listened to my own advice...

I would document events as they happen and this blog would be current.

I knew that I was neglecting my blog — not because I had become lazy or disinterested in blogging, but because the subject matter of my previous entry
changed the direction of my work in a major and in an unexpected way.

a bright blue cotton dress, I exposed the personal pain of my relationship with my mother and her mental illness in a very public way. And in the process of doing so, I found that I was not alone. I found that the world around me was full of people who needed an outlet for the pain that they themselves were carrying relating to the subject of mental illness within their family or within themselves.

a bright blue cotton dress also marks a change in my thinking as to the materials I use for creative expression. In previous works, paper was my primary medium and the former title of this blog reflected it. While I still like the original title (In my first life, I was an egg carton), this title just isn’t appropriate to the expression or philosophy of my current work.

Now to catch up. The only way I think that I can do this is to start posting as if I hadn’t taken a year and a half long hiatus. But first, I need to take myself back to January of 2008 and gather my thoughts...


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