it’s been a while...

This past year has been an extremely busy one for me. Taking care of life’s business took center stage — every time I thought I had time to focus on my work in maché, something else seemed to require my attention.

I have been working though, in bits and pieces. The studio is full of work in progress with a few pieces nearing completion.

Change is constant. The ideas I have for future works are branching off in new directions. I am excited to start this new work... but before I do, the studio needs an overhaul. (
Too much stuff.) My wealth of salvaged materials is being assessed and reorganized. I’m cleaning out the closets...


At 22/10/06 1:33 PM, Blogger Kaunda said...

I went over to your son's blog to find a link in the comments I'd left months ago. Naturally I spent time scrolling through his work there. These blogs are clever. I'm happy to see you post, you are creating a wonderful document here.

I'd been following your work at Flickr, but didn't know until recently I was following your work. Online is rather funny; it just goes to show how many facets every person has.

In these troubled times it's great to see all the good people make. Thank you for showing us.

At 22/10/06 5:59 PM, Blogger rose said...

kaunda — as always, good to hear from you.

Thanks for the compliments, both on my blog and on Flickr. Flickr has been a wonderful experience for me, it’s cool to get to know someone through their photography.
As you said — it’s great to see all the good people make.

Take care.

At 4/2/07 12:38 PM, Blogger jeff said...

Hi Rose

There is definitely a change in your work.I like it very much.Looking forward to seeing how it develops....And good to see you posting again


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