CHANGING DIRECTION Paper Maché • 18" x 21"

The first realization of this piece was as a round mirror with a
square frame.
Unhappy with the proportions, it sat in my studio
for almost a year
. Then one morning in an impulsive mood
(and before caffeine), I took it to the workbench, grabbed
a handsaw and went crazy. This is the result and I am much
happier. Sometimes a change in direction is the answer.

This piece has multiple hanging options.


At 5/8/06 6:18 AM, Blogger Della said...

wow... what great works. I am impressed and I congratulate you.
I once attempted Papier Mache, (with very mediocre results...)I perceive that a major ingredient for your success is the philosophy of your art.

At 5/8/06 7:48 AM, Blogger rose said...

Hi Della — paper maché does take a bit of time and experimentation. The best way to learn about what the medium can do is to just have fun experimenting with it. Push the limits. Play. Don’t be concerned with achieving a result. Go with the flow.

It took a few mediocore results (and a couple of complete failures) before I liked what I was making.
I hope you’ll give paper maché another try.



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