STUDIO TABLE • Paper Maché 48"diameter with 12"leaf

Tabletop reclamation — work in progress. The maché is dry,
ready for sanding and paint.


At 27/7/06 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your blog was referred by a yahoo papier mache group. lovely works. thanks for sharing. wondered if this table is finished and what it looks like? susanbuchanan2@mac.com

At 27/7/06 4:18 PM, Blogger rose said...

Hi Susan,

First, thanks for the compliments.
It’s good to know a papier maché group is referring my blogspot.

This table, being more of a personal project, was put on ”the back burner” due to workload and is still a work in progress. Your comment has reminded me to put it back on my top ten list (thanks!). I do plan on posting the finished table fairly soon and will notify you when I post via email.

Take care.

At 4/4/07 12:21 PM, Anonymous Kit said...

WOW! I love papier mache and often work in this medium. I really like this table. I can hardly wait to see your table when it's finished.


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